Laundry Teddy Scene 3




Teddy was folding stacks of clothes  for delivery when his mom enters his room


Somebody seems happy


What do you think about Miguel?


He's ok, I guess. Whatever I think

doesn't matter anyway, so why ask?


You're my son, silly.  Of course I

will always bother to ask you. When

your dad left us, I thought nobody

will take me seriously.  (Looks at

the wall mirror) I mean  look at me.

Why will they? I'm old. Who will

love me?


You're looking right at him (looks

back at his mom who’s

looking straight at him from

the wall mirror)


I want more in life Teddy. I want

to be loved. I want to be special.

I want to be the one to someone.

I'm not getting any younger. My

days are counted. I don't want to

be that woman left alone, abandoned

by years, still searching for the

one true him.


And you will find him mom. Who

knows, maybe you already met him,

Miguel for example.


No. It's never gonna be him.  He's

way too young.




I don't know what he sees in me. It

seems like his very existence is

all scripted. He's too perfect.

There's something that's off with

him. I don't know what it is Teddy.

But to me, it feels like he's not

really connecting and seeing the

real me. It seems like he's doing

this more because of something

that's motivating him to do this

thingy with me. You know what I



I don't know mom, honestly. Besides what

I knew doesn't really matter.  It's

your heart mom. You're the only

person in the world that can make a

decision when it comes to heart

matters. But I think you're really

over thinking things. Go out on

more dates with him and see where

it goes. You're too negative.

That's the real problem. How can

you attract Miguel, when you're

dead struck on your own negative



Don't you think he's too young for

me? I mean he can pass like my son?


Someone once told me that love is

abandoned by age.


Is this Karma? What did I do to

deserve you? I know you're barely 8

when your dad left. You can go back

to school you know so you won't end

up like me, old, romantically

unattached, I mean it's bad that I

also can barely read and write. But

having an illiterate son that's way past his

prime, I mean that's like major

Karma punishment, don't you

think so? Teddy, you have to live

your life too.


And who's going to wash the

laundry so we can live, you?


Right (Smiles and lift up her

hands to Teddy) These thingy are

meant for holding hands and

counting wedding rings.


Rings? How many weddings do you



As many times as possible until I

find the right man.  But one thing's

for sure, I have the perfect son. I

don't have to search for one.

Sylvia hugged Teddy.


You should go back to school,

Teddy.  I'm sure there's evening

classes so you can catch up on all

those lost years.


I'm 40 mom. Everything's too late.

I'm too old to learn. I'll be the

laughing stock, a 40 year old

learning how to read and write?  As

long as I can count the money and

write my name, what else do I need

to learn? Anyway, you're forgetting

that I technically go to school.


To pick up other students laundry?

That doesn't count.  That's just



I sit in at Lauren's class when she

can't. I learn stuff here and

there. Maybe  I can read and write,

I'm just not focusing enough.


That's why  you need to go to



I'm trying to learn by myself these days.

(Points his lips at

the reading and writing learning book by

the sofa) I guess...

how hard can reading and

writing be? It's just that the

laundry consumed all my energy and

time. I'm just too tired to do

anything else after washing  and

drying the laundry all day.  I mean,

it doesn't really matter

right?... look at us. We have each

other. That's  really all that

matters in life, right?


It's my fault. You stopped your life

because of me.  I'm a wreck

Teddy. I don't deserve a son like



You're not a wreck mom.  You're just

going through something tough. It's

just that in your case, it's been

decades tough. But that's ok. You

have me. We have each other. I will

never leave you, I'll take care of

you. One of these days your phone

will beep, and you'll snap back to

life. I just want you to be happy mom.

Sylvia's phone beeps. She got a new message from her social media.


Teddy, I need to post my daily

selfie now, this time I want

you to pose with me


I thought you don't want your

social media friends to know that

you have a son?


I think, I changed my mind, this

time around, I want them to know

that I have a son who loves me for


Sylvia did a selfie with Teddy and posted it immediately on her social media. She left the room giggling, as Teddy went back to folding clothes. His phone rings.


What's up Teddy?


(on the phone)

Nothing much Lauren,  I'm just

folding clothes.


Do you mind sitting by my class

this Friday, you know  the same room

you sat for me before because I

have this freaking cheer practice,

I will be late and I just don't

want to lose my attendance for that

class as I've been missing  a lot of

lecture hours?


(on the phone)

Sure. This Friday right?  Same

class, same time.  No problem


Listen Teddy, I think I found a new

client base for you.  My friend

works for this company and she told

me that most of her co-workers has

no time to go to the laundromat,

nor want to do their laundry at home,

they're looking for someone to do

their laundry, so I hooked you up.

And they told me that next Monday

you should go there and pick up

their laundry. I'll text you later

the address, my date's here, gotta go,


Lauren hangs up. Teddy smiles. New clients means  more income to break even. He looks at the reading and writing book, took it and takes a deep breath.