Laundry Teddy Scene 1




Teddy looks up blinded by the afternoon sun, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and detergent suds from his arms, he's washing his customers laundry at that moment. He looks around as he took a deep breath, surrounded by wet laundry and dry clothes hanging from the line that runs across the rooftop, he's far from finishing his wash that afternoon. Suddenly, Miguel shows up in front of him.


Miguel? (Surprised)


(In mocking tone)

My Dear Teddy, why so surprised?


What are you doing up here?

(whispers) My mom's downstairs, we

had an agreement.


What? That I won't show up

unannounced? I'm here to pick your

mom up as agreed.


Then why are you  up here talking to

me? You should be downstairs with

her. We don't know each other as

far as my mom is concerned. You're

just gonna arouse her curiosity.

she might suspect that I'm behind

all of this.


Dear Teddy why act so innocent? So

what? Isn't that the truth? This

was all your idea. You created me.

This divine situation  is your

immaculate conception. Tell me,

Teddy, do you enjoy sleeping with

other guys so they'll date your mom

or you just pay and ditch them like

what you're doing to me?

Teddy was about to throw the laundry that he's washing at Miguel's face, but he stopped him by pinning him on the wall behind him. Miguel's face closes in as Teddy protested, but Miguel is stronger, he kissed the resisting Teddy.


Do I need a laundry appointment to

see you? I've been calling you and

you're not answering my call.

Seeing you here right now with all

these dirty laundry makes me

wonder, what kind of dirt does

Teddy hides besides me? I'm

curious, how does Laundry Teddy

wash his laundry?


Separate the whites from

everything, rinse, soap, scrub and

rinse again before hanging them

dry, fold, pack, deliver, get paid.

The cycle starts again with a new



I'm not really talking about the

laundry. I have no intention of

becoming a human laundromat like

you.  You know what I meant Teddy.


What do you want Miguel?


Good question, what do I want?


I don't have much money today. I

thought what I gave you is enough.


I want more.


If you want more, you have to wait

until this wet laundry dries up and

I get paid. Maybe by Tuesday,

probably at the end of the week.


I'm hurt.  You think this is all

about money?  What about my

feelings? Maybe I should just come

clean, Dear pretty Sylvia, guess

what, I think, you're not all that

pretty, but rather, you're a loser.

It takes your son's laundry blood

money to fund what's going on

between us.  Because...guess what

Teddy has to find you a date

because you can't find one on your

own. You can have all the screaming

tweenage friends in the world, but

you'll never be like them. Why?

Because guess what Sylvia,  you're

not like them, you're decades old




Scared?  (moves closer towards

Teddy, pushing him more against the

wall, his hand touched Teddy's

cheeks, he kissed Teddy who

protested at first but he also gave

in, thinking that this is the only

way out of this situation. Miguel

runs his hands down, he slowly

gripped and released Teddy's neck

as his other hand continues to

unbutton Teddy's shirt.)

Sylvia, suddenly showed up and hugged Miguel from behind, who released Teddy as she caught them off guard. Teddy quickly turned around and buttons his shirt up.


I thought you just left? Sorry, it

took me sometime to find this

skirt. How do I look? (spins



Like Paris. French stylish.


Why are you up here? (To Teddy)

Teddy....this is Miguel, my

boyfriend. I know this may come as

a surprise to you. I'm not blind,

he's younger  than me..but


But you’re beautiful mom, you're

always going to attract anyone just

as you’ve attracted Miguel.


(To Miguel)

I told you, my son will like you.

Teddy quickly hands his mom some cash, she kissed him and waved bye as Miguel gave Teddy an intense stare. Meanwhile, Drew saw everything, he was standing by his room window on another building directly across the laundry roof top building where Teddy's at. Drew had been observing Teddy for some time now. He felt weird, how can he feel something for someone he had never really met?