Why you shouldn't crack your Neck


Here's some reasons why you should resist the urge of cracking your neck:  1. It may just be a placebo feeling, cracking your neck gives a feeling that you released some pressure on your neck area when that's not the case in reality. Sometimes, the body releases a feel good endorphins hormone that gives an illusion that you fixed the neck pressures. 2. There are many blood vessels in the neck region, continuous cracking or cracking your neck using the wrong methods may damage these vessels, causing injury and pain.  3. Hearing the popping sound when you crack your neck can be habit forming, if you crack your neck often, you might loosen the ligaments that held the parts of the neck together, and possibly you'll open yourself not only to muscular injuries but possible arthritic conditions.  4. If you crack your neck gently and it doesn't cause pain, possibly you're relieving some pressure as the popping sound comes from the gas component of the liquids around the chambers of the neck vessels however it is still best to leave it to the experts. Schedule an appointment with your Chiropractor so you'll get more accurate advise and help in relieving pressure around your neck area.