4 Tips in Buying a Phone Charger


4 Tips in buying a phone charger:  1. As much as possible, buy your charger at authorized phone shops and sites. It's better to stick with the branded charger and pay a much extra price knowing that your device is protected.  2. Most phones have 5 volts rating, so make sure the charger that you're gonna buy matches this rating.  3.  You need to study your phone battery and compare its amperes with the amperes of the charger you're buying. The amperes are important because it measures the energy transfer between the charger and the battery, if confused, call your phone customer service for more guidance.  4. Make sure that you also have a car charger, it's very convenient to charge your phone when you're on the go. Most car chargers comes with standard functions, just check the amperes as well as the voltage and make sure it matches with your phone battery.