6 Things you can do in the mall when you're broke


As always, you're broke again, blame it on your weird behavior of maxing your credit cards. What to do in the mall when you're broke:  1. Browse through the book shops, check out the best sellers list, and what's on sale. Obviously you can't buy anything, so just hang out and surround yourself with the fulfilling company of books.  2. Have a coffee. And really take your time. Just sit there and observe what's going on around you, frantic shoppers with eager faces looking for the best deals, poor souls, they don't know what they're missing. Enjoying a warm cup of coffee by yourself or with a special someone is the best mall deal that you can grab.  3. Stop by your favorite stores, and just browse through their sales and new arrivals aisles.  4. Walk around the mall for half an hour to an hour, think of it as your afternoon workout.  5. Look around for free samples, just skip those sales clerk who's giving you the vibes that they won't let you off the hook without you dropping some real cash.  6. Do a selfie by the fountain. And give it a real smile, you don't need cash really to have a great time inside the mall.