4 Lemon uses you're not aware of


Lemon juice bored?  There's more to lemons than juicing it up. Here's 4:  1. Make a paste by mixing freshly squeezed lemon with your powder cleaning solution and apply the paste around the rusty stubborn stains at your toilet bowl. Leave it there for few minutes and scrub away.  2. Itchy flaky skin? Rub a lemon around the troubled area and see if it works, remember it's always best to see your dermatologist as this can worsens, if the dry, flaky skin persisted, you may also need to apply more moisturizers probably prescription strength. So yeah, see your doctor  3. Hate those garbage odor? Throw in some sliced lemons, that might do the trick. 4. Seems like your whites are not that white? Soak your whites in bleach and squeezed lemon wedges, let it soak for 2 hours, and then rinse and wash as you please