Is MSG bad for you?


So, is MSG or Monosodium Glutamate bad for you? Well, the Food and Drug Administration classified it as a Generally Recognized as Safe. But of course there's a lot of debates and contentions as to whether MSG is really safe, health wise. Basically MSG is the salt compound of the glutamic acid that occurs naturally in certain foods and is commonly used as food additives in canned products. When consumed, Glutamate affects the neurons of the cells of the tongue, when stimulated this results in feelings of enhanced taste which makes a person like the food that's being consumed. If you read around, there are several studies that debunked the allegations that MSG is not safe, also there's a thing called Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, wherein after eating a plate of Chinese foods, you'll suddenly experience headache, nausea, sweating profusely similar to food poisoning. MSG are blamed for these situations. I mean, these studies are out there. It is your body and your health. You need to make a decision on what's good for you and your health. But decide on it smartly.