6 Facts about your Dental fillings


Here's six Dental fillings facts that you may not be aware of:  1. Eventually, dental fillings will need to be replaced couple of times regardless of your choice, white, silver or gold.  2. When you experience tooth sensitivity in your tooth with fillings, usually that's the first sign that you may lose your fillings.  3. White composite fillings tends to bind more with the tooth structure, and helps to save more of your original tooth structures.  4. Avoiding sodas, eating healthy and daily dental hygiene helps in extending the life span of your fillings.  5. When you just got a new filling, avoid extremely hot or cold foods or drinks first until the fillings set in.  6. Pain from a newly filled teeth should decrease over several days to at least 2 weeks, if not you need to see your dentist to further study your teeth and probably do an xray to check for other problems.