4 Ways to hang your stuffs


Here's 4 ways that you can hang your stuffs:  1. Try clip boards, if the pieces to be hang are clip board sizes, then the problem is solved. Clip boards are so convenient, simply use a nail or screw in place and hang the clip board using the available slot in most clip boards. You can update the pieces on your wall in a snap as you can easily clip them on or off.  2. Use vintage hooks as wall anchors, by simply attaching the stuffs that you need to hang. Mixing different hooks in various sizes will add a touch of design and excitement in any wall space.  3. Try using cut fabrics, simply cut any colorful fabrics into one inch width, fold over and sew both loose ends together, it works like a rope, hang your stuffs by threading the cut fabrics which are now sewn together and using a nail or screw, hang the stuff on your wall.  4. Use clipped on hangers. It works like clip boards but they're really clothes hanger. Attach screws or nail on your wall, then hang the clipped on hangers with your poster or stuffs clipped in place. Cool right?