3 Veggie hacks that you can do to make your BF eat them


Your bf is really not big on veggies, here's what you can do:  1. Make carrots as snack dips. Mix the carrots with the regular snacks that your bf usually eat. Slice carrots into thin strips and experiment with fancy dips to encourage your bf to try the carrots with these dips.  2. Do a really nice vegetable soup, not the canned ones type. Here's how: Make your broth, usually its good to use a vegetable broth stock, or a chicken broth stock, once you heat that for 15 minutes, throw in your fresh veggies, add canned green beans, fresh mushrooms, cut cilantros and green onions, serve and watch your bf face as he takes a second look at veggies. 3. Serve rice with mixed vegetables on it. Here's how: Prepare your steamed rice first, on a separate pan, quickly stir fry cut bokchoy leaves, sliced onions, diced tomatoes. Mixed in the steamed rice with two tablespoons of butter, add a pinch of salt and garlic powder. Serve and enjoy.