How to tell your barber the hairstyle you want


So how do you tell your barber the hairstyle that you want?  1. Use visuals, use your phone to show him couple of photos that you want, this will give him a general idea of the type of hair cut that you're going for this month. 2. Upon sitting down, after your regular small talk, explain to your barber what you really want, use simple yet clear description, and thank him for listening on what you want done on your hair this time around.  3. Look for posters around the salon which will give your barber an idea on what you really want done on your hair.  4. Talk to your barber about how you want your hair cut done, and ask him if he thinks that will look good on you. Usually a good barber, will tell you what exactly will look great. And go with his instincts, you can't beat experience.