6 Tips to keep your bonsai healthy


Taking care of your bonsai tree is not an easy task, it takes a lot of tlc. Here's six tips that you can try to integrate in your daily care:  1. Always check for the soil around your bonsai tree. Make sure that it's not too dry, nor too moist. The key word is balanced moisture.  2. Monitor the sunlight exposure of your bonsai. Usually bonsai needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.  3. Hawaiian Umbrella and Ficus tree are known to be best bonsai species for those who wants to grow their bonsai indoors, so make sure to do enough research as to what type of tree you would choose to add to your indoor bonsai collections.  4. Grab couple of Bonsai tree books at your local bookstore, its important to know more about your trees and how to take care of them. 5. Always trim the dead spots, use the appropriate bonsai trimmer to make sure that you won't hurt the tree as bonsai are very sensitive. 6. If you need to use an insecticide, do a thorough research as to what type you will need. Apply just the minimum insecticide as the chemicals may be harmful to your bonsai.