4 Tricks to memorize better


Although memorization is not a recommended route in studying, most of the time, you just can't help it but you need to really memorize stuffs. Here's 4 tricks to memorize better: 1. Build better memory visuals, you need to connect the lifeless words into something that's visually easy to remember. Something like, it has to make sense, visually.   2. Challenge your mind's system of remembering things by repetition. You need to really close your eyes, and really remember things. It's helpful to do flash cards.  3. Record your own voice and listen to it couple of times in your iPod.  You'll be surprise that everything now makes sense.  4. Simplify a structured topic into something that's easy to understand and remember. You need to write everything down, and use point by point summary using simple words that are easy to remember and understand.