How to tell people that you're lost


Alone in a foreign city and you suddenly found yourself lost. How do you tell people that you're lost and you need help to get back to your hotel?  1. First things first, there is no point in relying at your confident self. Admit the fact that it's your first time in this city and you need help.  2. Second, instead of asking random people for directions back to your hotel room, or at least where to get a cab that will solve your dilemma, give yourself time to let everything sink. 3. When ready, find an establishment like a restaurant or a shop, it will be helpful if you buy something from them in that way, you technically established a more meaningful connection, prompting them to take interest and encourage them to help you as well. 4. Be honest and very specific as to where you want to go. Do not dwell on details as to how you got lost, just ask them directly if they can help you find your way back to your hotel. 5. Charge everything to experience, next time around, you'll be more seasoned and more direction knowledgeable.