How to tell your mom that you're gay


Of course, telling your mom who the real you would be the hardest thing to do in life. First off, there's that normal fear that she will be shocked, get hurt and worse she will be stuck in a cycle of denial even if you're directly admitting the truth in front of her. But here's the thing, with all the internal stress that's going on within you, little did you know that she's actually more aware of what's really going on. Why? Because she's your mom. She knows you more than anybody else in the world, sometimes more than you. So, just go ahead and tell her what you like and need to tell her. And go from there. This is one of those situations in life where you really can't predict what will happen, and you just have to play around and go where the direction of the wind flows. But one thing to bear in mind is that, she's your mom, and nothing in the world can change that. She will always love you, no matter who, and no matter what you are.