4 Tips for auto payment


With today's technology, paying automatically using your phone is the new norm. But there are still stuffs in life where you have to call in and deal with the auto voice. Here's 4 tips:  1. Have your pen and paper ready, write down all the info that you'll need including your pin number, social security and yes your phone number, because once the auto voice message is activated it pressures you to key in the info really quickly.  2. Listen to the voice instructions really carefully. Usually it allows you to repeat what you keyed in if you made a mistake.  3. Usually, the hashtags are used to pause or jump from one info to another. So make sure that you do this or your data will all be mixed up confusing the system or you'll get a wrong charge on your credit card.  4. You need to get the reference number for the payment. There's always an option of repeating it, make sure you'll do this so you're really sure that you have the accurate data.