What makes Nat Sakdatorn a Perfect BF


Here's the thing, you know that you and Thai Hottie, Nat Sakdatorn are meant for each other like literally you're born to walk in the aisle of forever with Nat. But of course, you're only day dreaming.  But here's something that's true, what makes Nat a perfect BF:  1. He's totally charming, very good looking, super sexy physique, and yes those eyes and those smiles, you're sold.   2. Nat is a very talented singer and composer, just imagine him composing a love song made specifically just for you.  3. He can really act, you've seen him in the movie Fathers, and in couple of tv dramas, you're also gonna see him with Singto at the upcoming series, Friendzone, I mean, what more can you ask for: singer, actor, composer, runner?  And on top of that extremely handsome?  4. Nat reaches out to his fans, now this is really touching, that means as a boyfriend, he will always have your best interest in his mind and heart.