4 Tips before you buy your paint


4 Tips before you buy your paint:  1. Don't buy your paint on a snap, you need to know which color will fit your style and exactly how much paint you need. Stop by a paint shop, talk to their clerk and explain your painting needs and area to cover. He can give you an accurate estimate of how much paint you need and your paint options. 2. Sometimes you need to pay an extra to get the primer on the paint as its much simpler than to apply the primer first, it saves you the labor cost and time.  3. Ask the paint shop pro regarding the sheen and finish of your paint, as usually if you go with high gloss, it's more durable and great for traffic areas in your home, while the softer one will be a flat paint which gives a more natural look to your space.  4. Trust major paint retailers as most of them has a no question asked on their return policies in case you encountered problem with your paint selections.