Why you want Tul to be your boyfriend


If you love seeing Max and Tul at Bad Romance, and Together with Me, and you're following Tul daily on all his IG updates, did you ever wonder why you want him to be your boyfriend? Here's some reasons:  1. Tul is very friendly, he regularly hangs out with his friends and during fan meetings he really reach out to his fans. You want a kind boyfriend and that is really Tul.  2. Tul understands the importance of living a balanced life. He became a monk months ago, and this totally deepens his faith and on his IG updates you see him dining at his favorite sushi place.  You want a boyfriend who knows how to find a balance in life. It can't be just all work but also should be mixed with play or everything will be dull.  3. Tul appreciates his friendship with Max. He recently hosted Max's birthday event. This is really amazing to see the brotherhood and bonding between these two amazing guys. Loyalty and commitment is an important trait to have in a boyfriend. 4. Tul is a big believer of fitness. He regularly work outs and this is important to have in a boyfriend, you want a boyfriend who believes in the benefits of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.