6 Gardening Tips


Here are six Gardening tips:  1. When buying plants, make sure that you read the label, know whether that plant takes full sun, partial sun, or shade.  2. Know the name of the plants you bought, online search them so you'll be more familiar with the plants, and how to take care of your plants.   3. Make it a habit to water your plants and fertilize it, don't see it as a chore, but rather as a hobby.  4. Consider investing on a quality ceramic or clay pots, you'll be pleased at how it adds a touch of fanciness to your garden. 5. Add mulch on top of your potted plants, it moistens the soil and adds a layer of protection for your plants.  6. Plants are cool house warming, birthday and anniversary gifts, consider giving plants in cool ceramic pots next time you attend a special event.