Dark Blue and Moonlight by Coture


I'm not really that sure, but it seems that the Dark Blue and Moonlight episodes that were launched so far by Coture are just special episodes which follows Yan Fei and Hai Quing First season story. The special episodes shows the bonding and love between the two guys, but at the end of the special episode Yan Fei was just imagining everything. I do hope that Coture will continue the story and launch full Season 2 episodes. I think the actors are really cute and the story is really beautiful and interesting. I have to add though that the hair style of Yan Fei this time is very modern, youthful and it truly suits him, the same goes to with Hai Qing. Gone are the pomade sleek hair style that doesn't really fit the actors looks. Yan Fei looks very gorgeous in this new look, this truly shows that the studio had listened to the fans who feels the same way that the actors on the first season was not properly packaged in terms of their looks for their characters, now this is a great improvement. I love the actors, and the story, and hope to see a complete Second season. Congratulations Coture for repackaging the looks and feel of this awesome BL series.