BL at Korean Dramas


I just realized after watching couple of K Dramas today that there is really a strong BL elements hidden and subtly told in the plots of those dramas. Usually they use comedy to hide these BL hints.  This is really an interesting twist as BL had always been proven to effectively attract huge audience. The fact that major Thai networks like GMM and Taiwan channels like Choco Tv, have BL movies on their platforms and this year, a BL movie was just a heart beat away from winning an Oscars Best Picture, proves that BL can definitely stand on its own, and really an evolving and strong industry backed with loyal audiences and supporters. I think in every culture, BL can take several forms from bromance to strong male bonding, and that's ok, because when you think of BL, you think of love, understand and bonding between two guys. They call it bromance, we call it BL. It's the same. I have to add though, the Korean actors on those K Dramas are really very cute!