How not to be sad


It's easy to say smile and be happy. But the truth is, you can't lie to yourself. You're sad. And you know it. So how not to be sad?  Try this:  1. You need to know and understand the sources of your sadness. Once you know them, you can better understand why you're feeling that way.  2. Remember, life is not perfect. Problems and pains will always pop up, anytime and in times least expected.  3. Take a hard look at yourself. You'll be surprise that....that person is not happy that you're not happy. So why not make that person happy?  4. Spend time with close friends who really cares about you, people who you can talk to.  Reach out. Connect.  5. Divert your attention on productive tasks:  Start a new garden, volunteer in your community, audition for a spot in your local theater.  6. Try yoga and meditation techniques.