Are most BL Actors gay?


That's really a great question. So, are most BL actors gay or not? To answer that question, let's take a look at the core audience of BL movies and series, it's a very strong female demographics. The interesting thing about most BL actors is that they are very open when interviewed, even if their career are dependent on their BL love team, they are very honest in terms of their personal love life. Most of them are single, which means that the cute love team we see on their BL movies does not really translate in real life. Although they won't publicly directly admit this, we think that most of them are straight or possibly bisexual. Why? It's simple, one word, demographics. But here's the thing with the BL industry, the preferences is not questioned at all, the audience, fans and followers are very focused on the BL couple with hopes that what they see on screen are also true off screen. BL movies are built to tease and excite its audience, and the BL actors are smart, they know that off screen, their fans and followers has this expectations as well.