The problem with Nack at Sweet Boy


Sweet Boy is  a Thai BL movie that was released two years ago. Its main character, Nack played by Wachirawit Ruangwiwat who you've probably had seen last year at My Dear Loser Series. Nack is undergoing a very difficult phase in his life, he's discovering his side that's attracted to guys of which he's not aware was really there. He became obsessed with his other classmate, Toy after being seduced by his other classmate Petch. The movie also touches on Nack's religion and his mom who saw him and Toy during their innocent sleepover. The problem with Nack is that, this is really a very confusing time in his life, there's an exam to pass for College, of which he initially failed even though he's really on top of his class except for Math of which Toy is good at, and Toy gave mixed signals, when he's actually just offering friendship. After a year, they met up again at the new school where Nack is on his first year while Toy is on his second year. It appears that they bonded again but its a different situation now, Toy now has a girlfriend. This is the love that will never be. It took Nack some time to finally sort through his feelings, but the movie was not clear if Nack truly accepted himself for who he was, or did he lied to himself and just let his mom tell him who he should be. The ending needs to be explored more as it doesn't give a sense of fulfillment. However, it's still a beautiful story told in a very simple straightforward way. Sweet Boy is a good film to watch, but don't expect a satisfying ending.