P'Earth is the deja vu of Yihwa


I have to give it to the Thai actress who plays the role of P'Earth at Sotus S, in the beginning, she's introduced as someone that's a little bit snobbish, but not really. She immediately warms up to Arthit, she even drops Arthit home. I have to say, she's so convincing in her role, I totally believe that she works as an engineer at the Purchasing department. What I find really interesting is that, in the early scenes, it seems that she has a crush on Arthit, and when Tod, the other employee confessed his affection to her, she casually turned him down, without really realizing that she hurted him. However everything changes on second to the finale scene, when Tod told Arthit not to worry about the leaked pictures and he's not really bothered by the kissing scandal that P'Durian caused by sending the controversial Arthit and Kongpob kissing photo to everyone, P' Earth gave a slight smile to Tod, deeply she's impressed that Tod is very understanding. She then took Kongpob home and told him about why Arthit was avoiding him the whole day, and she gave an advise to Kongpob that relationship is really tough, both of you had to work on it. P'Earth is very understanding and smart. I think she deserves to find the love of her life, and she will always attract guys who will take her seriously as she deserves all the happiness in the world. Thank you P'Earth for understanding Arthit and Kongpob, you're definitely Together with Me and Bad Romance Yihwa deja vu with an Engineering twist.