6 Ways to be happy


How to be happy? Six ways:  1. Take a moment to fully examine your life, focus on the positive things that are going on in your life, like having a loving boyfriend, a good job, a family that loves you.  2. Take a break from all social media, they tend to be a source of sadness, and pressures.  3. Control your worry levels. When you start to worry, shut those thoughts off, think of something positive, or do something that will distract you from those thoughts.  4. Trick your brain, tell yourself that you're happy. And be actually happy, you'll be surprised that the problem that you have right now is really not that bad, you can find solutions to them. 5. Talk to yourself, and tell yourself that you need to sort through all these events, people and things that's making you unhappy.  6. Do something that will distract you from your problems and situations in your life that's making you sad. How about a new hobby, afternoon shopping or afternoon run with a friend?