What happens when a BL ends


As Advance Bravely says, Everything will say goodbye. Sotus S, What the Duck, Right or Wrong, and Advance Bravely had wrapped up their episodes. So what happens when a BL ends? You'll find yourself Instagramming whatever behind the scenes photos and videos, past BL games that your favorite BL actors had done to promote their BL series. You also find yourself re-watching the series, there's always surprises, scenes and character lines you missed out when you first viewed their BL. Of course there's the magic of You Tube, you'll find tons of OST made by the studio and BL fans. You can also attend the fan meeting of your favorite BL stars, that is if you live in their country, like Thailand, China and Taiwan where most popular BL series are produced, but the studio also takes these BL actors to fan meetings in other countries like China, Philippines and at Kuala Lumpur where Max, Tul and Cgame recently had a fan meet up with their fans. Even if everything will say goodbye, the Advance Bravely way, these BL series had left us with lots of memories, priceless unforgettable memories. Their BL stories touched our hearts, and that is something that will always stay with us, even after their BL series had wrapped up.