Yuan Zong's pocket Mirror at Advance Bravely


It's not a fancy Tiffany pocket mirror, but Yuan Zong's pocket mirror reflects not only the truth, Xia Yao's bruised up face, when Xia asked him for the pocket mirror while he's being treated for his bruises and wounds at the hospital, Yuan at first hesitated, he told Xia that there's no mirror at the hospital, but Xia told him that he has one by his coat. He gave in to Xia and showed his bruises while holding the pocket mirror up.  Xia is actually aware that Yuan has this mirror by his pocket, there was a scene where Xia was very drunk, so Yuan had to carry him by his back, Xia when drunk likes to bite ears, no idea why but it was such a sweet moment when Yuan held his pocket mirror up to check out Xia as he was biting his ear.  When Xia asked for the pocket mirror at the hospital, it actually means that he's completely aware that Yuan was checking him out while he's riding on his back. This is a really interesting twist to the story line. Both of them have strong feelings for each other, but neither one really revealed their feelings. Unlike Xia's best friend who told Xia about his feelings, right before Xia's accidental encounter with the guy who beats him up. So will the pocket mirror holds up and reflect their true feelings? Let's see what happens in the coming episodes!