Singto and Krist Love team, technically over?


Singto and Krist is one of the most successful BL Love team ever launched. The two seasons of Sotus had garnered not only Thai followings but also International supporters and followers. Singto perfectly portrayed the sweet and loyal boyfriend in Sotus, while Krist had shown his versatility from the tough hazer to the shy and innocent Arthit both as a boyfriend and as a new employee. Although, it seems that they'll be working on different drama series after Sotus, I don't think it means that the love team is technically over as, in the future, new projects may always come up that may be a perfect match for them and hopefully this will revive the love team again. Both of them are actors, it is normal to explore different roles and work with different actors, Tul had done this with Simon in his new tv drama, but of course fans worldwide are hoping that Tul and Max will be back again in a new season of Together with Me or a new project where their love team will continue to thrill their global fans. As for Singto and Krist, they will always be remembered for their light, quick and sweet kissing scenes. Everyone will miss their love team though. We just hope that GMM will come up with a new Sotus feel like BL series that will revive this successful love team. We love you Singto and Krist, thank you for making us believe in the power of love.