Should you hate P'Durian?


In Episode 11 of Sotus S, P' Durian did a major OMG, she forwarded all the photos of the company's beach outing to everyone, and this include the kissing photos of Arthit and Kongpob, and earlier before that scene, she intentionally texted the said photo to the Production department secretary. Arthit had tried so hard to hide his relationship with Kongpob among his office co-workers. And now that everything's out in the open, thanks to P'Durian who witnessed the beach kiss, took photos of it and shared it with everyone, how can Arthit possibly move forward, well that's for the next episode. But going back to P'Durian, she's really a very interesting character, because she likes to gossip. Her character actually reminds us that we really live in the instant world of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, everything is really out there for the world to consume. Gossips can be fun in the beginning but it will catch up on you, and it can turn against you. Honesty and trust is very important in any relationship. If P'Durian is really Arthit's friend, she will keep everything a secret, after all what she had seen is an intimate moment between Arthit and Kongpob, it should be respected. So love or hate P'Durian?