Satisfied with the Finale of Right or Wrong?


So guys, what do you think about the Finale ending of Right or Wrong? Shi Yi Jie and Fei Sheng Ze light romance story ended with a major Finale kiss that wrapped up the whole series. Over all, Right or Wrong is still a beautiful story, it has a feel good ending, and it's actually very relevant and timely as Taiwan right now is undergoing a major social change, with the passage of the country's Gay Marriage, making Taiwan the first country in Asia to provide full legal rights to loving same sex couples, but with a twist as the High court of the country had given Taiwan up to two years to come up with legislation to address this landmark decision, if not the same sex couples will proceed to legally marry under the same legal structure of the country. Ending Right or Wrong in this note is really inspiring as the movie provides a glimpse of a happy Taiwan where every Taiwanese can move forward and build their life with the person they love, and this is not a dream, it's not a plan, its a reality right now that's happening in Taiwan as Taiwan sets an example in Asia of what freedom and equality truly is.