4 Strategies so you won't give up


Let's face it, life is tough. But giving up? That's not really how to go with life and move forward. 4 strategies that you can use so you won't give up:  1. Know that the energy to go on lies within. You need to tap on that internal source.  2. Research. Read. Search. Ask. You'll be surprise that you're not the only one in this world who's going through that same difficult situation. Yes, there's strength in numbers, and motivation as well.  3. Talk to a close friend whom you know will be all in when it comes to giving full support to you. It helps to see this winning drive in the eyes of a friend. It's contagious. 4. Picture yourself as a runner in this field of whirlwind tracks. Go on, don't look back, there's no second to think, just run.