5 Signs that you're going BLcrazy Everyday


So how do you know that BL is stepping out of YouTube and Daily Motion and it’s really getting inside your real everyday life, in plain English, you're going BLcrazy, here's 5 Signs: 1. Your best friend is expecting. You immediately suggest to call his upcoming baby Singto if it’s a boy and Yihwa if it’s a girl.  2. You gave a bike to your boyfriend even though he doesn’t know how to ride one, simply because it looks Addicted romantic, the only missing thingy are the snow as you live in sunny New Mexico. 3. You think that the Chinese mom of your boy crush at work loves anything with Lotus, so you started online searching where in the freaking world can you buy those lotus thingy the Advance Bravely way. 4. You’re suddenly attracted to your  college Professor, you even volunteer to baby sit his kid back home, and that kid is in luck as you know how to make those Japanese Rice Omelet the Right or Wrong way. To your surprise the only thingy that you extract from your Professor is his “huh?”and expressionless face. You suddenly feel that you’re gonna flunk the subject. 5. Lately you’ve seen yourself collecting those cute yellowy duck toys, heck you even bought three rolls of wallpaper with duck design. OMG, definitely what the duck