ChocoTv's Right or Wrong is really Cute


When you say HIStory, the first thing that visually pops up are the strong scenes between Bernard and Teddy in the series first season, called Obsessed. After months since Obsessed, Stay with Me and My Hero the three successful HIStory series was launched, Right or Wrong, part of the second season of HIStory is set to prove everyone wrong, indeed ChocoTv can launch a new BL Series that can live up to the First season's landmark stories. Right or Wrong played by Jiang Chang Hui and Zhang Xing is a very touching story that answers the question does age really matters. Jiang is Zhang's teacher, he also hired Zhang to take care of his young daughter, Yoyo. Jiang is also an Anthropologist who had been obsessed with his studies, there's a scene where he technically abandoned being a father, as he also went through some level of strong emotional issues after his divorce, he was so immersed in his work and studies that he failed as a father. Zhang pointed this out when Yoyo got sick. This had been a turning point for Jiang, he then begin to see Zhang and notice how he took care of his daughter and him, and the attraction happens, which is nothing new for Zhang as he had always been attracted to Jiang. He randomly met him a year before he was hired to take care of Yoyo, back then he was dumped by this guy and Jiang snapped him back to reality. Which is exactly what Zhang had also done to Jiang when he was failing as a father to Yoyo. The most touching part is when Jiang got upset with Zhang as he did not stand up for him when his ex-wife came back to live with him and their daughter. Jiang wanted Zhang to fight for the relationship and not hide and let their relationship live in secrecy. Zhang's best friend has a good point, Jiang went to see his mom, with his kid to ask her if Jiang and him can be in a relationship, the mom reluctantly agreed because her son is still young and that Jiang has a daughter. But she gave in with one condition that they will delay the intimacy until Zhang turns 19. Right or Wrong is a beautiful BL series, the actors are very cute, and the story has a really sweet note to it.