4 Ways to deal with your BF's Italian Mom


By now you are totally convinced that your Italian bf’s mom will always comes first, you totally surrendered to this thingy. So how do you deal with this newfound reality? 1. Should you just go ahead and tell her that she won? Well, that’s something that you should not OMG do. Because that can make the situation much worse. Instead, why not take the time to really get to know her better. Hang out with her, afternoon shopping and early evening salads might be a good start. 2. Should you just ignore your BF’s mom? You can, if that move will neutralize the situation. Sometimes, when you file things and just let it go, situations tends to fall on their proper places. But he already made it clear to you, his mom comes first. You can say it’s an Italian thing, but you love this guy, and his mom will always be part of the package. Integrate her. I know it sounds so hard, but it’s really the way to move forward. 3. Should you just compete with his mom? This is a losing option for you, as he cemented the fact that his mom or nothing at all. So technically you’re not only going to put him but also his mom in defensive, and that’s tough. Sometimes you feel like it’s so unfair because relationships should always be a two way thing, but here you are in this really tough situation, and it seems like you’re the one who’s expected to really exert an effort and really the one who should sacrifice. Competing with his mom is not a solution, it’s just gonna make the situation worse. 4. So how can you be strategic, win both sides and be happy as well? It’s going to be a tough call, but guess what, you can do it. Nothing in life is impossible, but just bear in mind, relationships does not come with easy buttons that you can push to solve things and make life simpler for you. But love does, when you love someone, you tend to ignore those huge stuffs that can really be everyday tough, you love this guy and you will do anything for him.