5 Easy ways to Organize your Closet


Here's Five Easy ways to Organize your Closet:  1. Keep in mind that everything that you will hang or fold in your closet should always be good to go, which means if they need to be ironed or steamed press, before storing them make sure you already did this part. This saves you time and space. 2. Use plastic transparent shoe boxes to store your shoes, you can stack them up either on the farthest side of your closet from your door, or at the bottom shelves.  3. Hang your pants and shirts that you always use for work or school in one part of your closet, and those that you use for weekends or late night bar hopping, keep them either folded or hang them on the other side of your closet. 4. Socks, underwear, night boxers should be folded and should be placed on the top drawer of your closet.  5. Keep your watch, and bracelets on your night stand drawer, you don't need to mix them with your socks by your closet drawers.