Are you Team Nat & Plustor or Team Nat & Singto?


Which ship are you sailing with? Team Nat and Plustor or Team Nat and Singto? The latest tv drama with some BL feel Friendzone answers the question of how far can friendship go. Nat Sakdatorn had really been pretty busy this year, after playing a police officer at another drama series, Nat returns at Friendzone with a new challenging role. He’s Singto’s relationship in that series who’s life got entangled with Plustor. We have to admit though that it’s really hard to choose chemistry wise as to who’s team up does Nat really blends in well. With Singto, Nat seems to be more relaxed. Possibly in real life, Nat and Singto was able to connect and established this level of friendship, which helps them in tackling the challenges in their roles that they need to give justice on. This is probably the reason why Singto and Nat seems to have this very natural and smooth chemistry in all their scenes. With Nat and Plustor, it’s different. Plustor is a very good looking guy, as an actor, he was able to bring this good look charms into this character. So factor in Nat’s charming personality in real life and as an actor with Plustor’s boy next door looks, you’ll end up with a chemistry where great looks clashes. Whether you are digging Team Nat and Singto or Team Nat and Plustor, one thing that Nat was able to prove in this series is that, this is a great follow up to his movie Fathers, this time around we saw the other side of Nat, in his character as a lover of both guys. As an actor, Nat Sakdatorn was able to infuse real emotions in his character, and this series will definitely established him as a versatile actor that can take any challenging role, add his spin on it and the result will be amazing. Congratulations to Nat, Singto and Plustor and to Friendzone!