Why Singto and Nat Sakdatorn are BL Perfect


Friendzone created a major stir in the BLverse when the clips of the bath tub scene between Nat Sakdatorn and Singto was released. Here’s why Singto and Nat are BL perfect: 1. Singto is a seasoned actor, he appeared not only in two successful seasons of Sotus series but also he did other successful series while Nat Sakdatorn had recently caused major OMG in Thailand with his support role at Oh My Ghost, suddenly Thailand realizes that Nat is definitely hot. Pair Singto and Nat together, it’s blockbuster perfect. 2. Nat came from the movie Fathers that touched Thai and International audience hearts. His role in that movie is very challenging but timely and relevant, in the movie, Thailand just passed Gay Marriage, so he married actor Utt. But this is not the end of their love story, it’s gets more complicated as they also have an adopted son who’s starting to question what’s going on between them. The movie tries to frame the definition of family and the sacrifices that you need to invest just to keep that family together. Singto at Sotus had shown what a perfect boyfriend looks like. The audiences went through an emotional roller coaster ride with him and Krist for that series. Fathers and Sotus are both strong and successful BL movies, back by BL experiences, Nat and Singto can definitely carry Friendzone to success, of course we have to factor in cute Plustor as well. 3. Singto and Nat are both charming and talented. Nat is a very talented singer and he had proven countless times that he can really act. While Singto can command successful fan meetings of course with his team partner, Krist. Acting wise, Singto always interprets his characters with more emotions and depth. So definitely, prepare for Nat and Singto’s new series with their other co-actors, from GMM Tv, Friendzone.