Audition Heats up at 2 Moons


When news broke out that 2 Moons will launch fresh new actors for their second season, the BLverse reacted, many immediately voiced out their own opinions, Bas, Gxxod, Tae, Tee, Copter and Ming are great actors. If you’ve seen the Season 1 of 2 Moons, which ranked as one of the Top 3 BL for that year based on public opinion, individual You Tubers ranking and also in terms of success with international audiences, you’ll definitely fall in love with the casts. 2 Moons had launched a major casting call, and from that pool they selected the top 24 who moved forward for the second round of audition. Mew Suppasit was included in this group, who is our favorite front runner, Art his team up at What The Duck was not able to move to this group as well as Strong. Both actors in terms of acting are really strong contenders and will fit any of the 2 Moons role. Mew is very popular with the fans. We hope that 2 Moons team will recognize his acting performance at What The Duck. Reviewing the front runners in the second audition, you’ll notice a lot of good looking guys, so definitely it’s going to be a challenge to select the Top 6 but whoever will be chosen, 2 Moons series will definitely bring their career to full swing. The original cast will always be the 2 Moons in the hearts of BL Fans. But as we welcome the new cast of 2 Moons, we wish the new actors that will be chosen all the very best, in their career and future performances.