4 Rambutan facts you need to know


4 Rambutan facts you need to know: 1. Don’t be fooled by the outside shell of Rambutans, it’s actually a very delicious fruit even though it has those intimidating soft spikes 2. Rambutan is closely related to lychee and longan 3. Rambutan seeds are not edible, and may have toxic composition, it shouldn’t be eaten even though people say you can cook it, avoid it at all times, just enjoy the sweet flesh that coats the seeds, which is the edible portion of the fruit 4. Eat Rambutan as soon as you freshly picked it. If not, in a span of just few days the reddish shell will turn black. You can refrigerate the Rambutan, but keep it in the shelves where you store your lettuce or packed it in a sealed container.