4 Reasons why Drones are functional


Setting aside the privacy concerns over drones, as well as how drones are being used for its military applications, here are 4 reasons why drones are functional: 1. Transport function of drones, where drones are use to deliver life saving packages like emergency rations, blood and medical supplies, in areas with limited access due to natural calamities or man made conflicts. 2. Although there’s still no solid legislation, drones can improve the delivery of mails, opening new revenues for the current postal system, as well as cost saving measures for online sites that sells directly to its users. 3. Industrial functions such as surveying the land, also during crisis, drones are use to provide relief to victims, and on the spot status of the current situation where because of various circumstances direct access to that area is not possible. 4. Security functions, drones can be use to monitor one’s private property saving time and valuable resources.