4 Fixes for Stiff Neck


4 Fixes for Stiff Neck: First things first if you’re experiencing severe pain from your stiff neck, it is important to immediately seek medical assistance, never ignore the pain from your stiff neck as it can lead to further injuries, intense pain and more discomfort. For mild stiff neck usually because of your sleeping positions or over fatigue from workout, try these fixes: 1. Use a hand towel as support, wrap the towel around your neck, and hold both ends of it as you move your neck from left to right, up and down while slowly tugging at the end of the towel for support. 2. Apply a warm towel on the affected area. Also you can try an ice pack, and see which one works for you. 3. Take some over the counter pain meds to help relieve the pain and discomfort. 4. Massage the area of the neck that’s sore and while doing that slowly move your neck from the left to right, up and down directions as well.