9 Obvious BL Signs


Nine obvious signs that it’s definitely BL: 1. Presence of characters like Mo, Pleng and Chompoo that makes you scream your hair out. 2. Anything that involves piggyback riding of two male leads. 3. When things like clear umbrellas, pink milk, and couple shirts, are obviously very visible through out the movie. 4. When it takes forever before the two male leads kiss each other, you’re like what’s going on, why can’t they just kiss to get things done and over with? 5. After the much awaited kissing scene, expect more dramas like break ups and jealousy before the grand finale which takes everything back to the kissing scene, which essentially is what everything is all about. 6. Expect to see heart tugging and tear rushing official music videos that will leave you depressed for weeks. 7. Your IG floods with couple selfies which alerts you to the newest episode of the BL series you’re currently watching. 8. There’s always a third party involved. If it’s a girl you know that he’s gonna dump her, if it’s a guy, you know that it’s not gonna be him because his hidden agenda will be his ultimate downfall. 9. Presence of fan girls who screams their hearts out as the two male leads flirts and kiss each other, which makes you wonder whether they’ll also drop the phones they’re holding and live with cracked screens for the rest of their lives?