6 Reasons why you should watch My Dream The Series


Here’s six reasons why you should watch My Dream The Series: 1. There’s an English subtitles at the film’s official site: My Dream The Series, definitely a welcome news for international fans. My Dream is geared for a global takeover and not just for Thai viewers. 2. Fast paced story telling without unnecessary delays and dragging scenes. 3. There’s an interesting emotional conflicts between the film’s lead Runway, and the guys in his life: P’ Dream, the fantasy dream guy whom he awakens through the dream catcher and Tanai, his boy next door neighbor who serenades him with his guitar before he goes to bed. Who will win Runway’s heart? 4. Dr. Good, the brother of Guide who’s also Runways best friend has his own mystery to solve, is Kafe and Elle essentially the same person? Future episodes will answer that question. 5. My Dream has a great mix of romance and mystery, perfect for a weekend of BL binge watching with screaming friends who finds My Dream leads Best, Fluke, Taro, Fame, Boom, Choot, Elfa to be mega cute and ultra handsome. 6. My Dream is from Director Job Piyawat Chaithiangthum whose work like Love Love You and Love’s Coming, had totally touched thousands of BL fans hearts.