Laundry Teddy Scene 23




Roger waits for Teddy at a busy bar. Teddy spotted Roger at the table fronting the mini-stage of the bar. He went straight towards him, greeted and hugged him.


I thought, you wouldn’t

show up.






For being half hour late

and your laundry…my mom’s

crazy bleach accident.

I have no idea what

she was thinking at

that time. I mean, that’s

really crazy right?

Why will you pour

bleach on a pile of laundry?

I actually spent the

whole week apologizing

to my customers.


Is that why you agreed

to meet, so you can

personally apologized.

That sucks, ‘cause I

thought you want to

really meet up….and talk.


I don’t know what

else to do Roger,

I mean, as I said to

you when we talked

few days ago, the next

laundry is on me.

But that doesn’t change

the fact that you may

not trust me again.


I trust you Teddy with

all my heart.

Roger reach out and hold’s Teddy’s hands. He let go after a few seconds.


It feels like almost

a year, but it’s only

a week since

Lauren and I decided

not to talk so we

can give each other

time and space.

It’s not like I’m

ending my friendship

with Lauren.

It’s just that there

are days, that it really

hurts. And I need more

space from them.


And Drew?


He called me the

other day, but I did

not answer the phone.

I mean, what else

is there to say,

sorry, we have to

split after two weeks

of something?

He got Lauren pregnant

unless I can get pregnant

too, how can I compete

with that?


I’m sorry Teddy. I can just

imagine how hard and

tough all of this had

been. I wish I can do



They said, what doesn’t

kill you will make

you even stronger.

Roger, you’re here

that should count

as something, isn’t it?

and I actually

feel better, talking

to you, staring at

those mysterious



Mysterious eyes?

What mystery does my

eyes tell?


I don’t know Roger.

But it seems like

there’s something

that you’re not

telling me. I detected,

lies and sadness.

or maybe that’s just

me reading my own vibes.


Do you think I’m lying?


Are you?

Roger stood up and walk up the bar’s mini stage in front of them. He took the microphone while staring back at Teddy, the DJ lowers the music.


Hey everyone. Sorry if

I’m gonna mess with

you all tonight.

But this will

not take long.

You see guys,

I’m not like this.

I’m a college

bully, I always act

tough, why?

I don’t know.

I guess that’s my

defense mechanism

in full blast so I won’t

get hurt.

Roger walks down the mini-stage and took Teddy’s hand, Teddy hesitated…but gave in, he climb up the mini-stage with Roger.


Roger, what are you doing?

What’s going on?


Guys, this is Teddy.

I actually bullied him for

free laundry. That’s

how low I went.

But you see, Teddy

did not judge me,

even though I deserved to

be judged and hated.

He looked through me

with his lens of

kindness and sincerity

which touched my heart.

Teddy, I understand

that this is not the

right moment, nor

place to ask you this.

But when? and where?

We only get to live

once. Rare moments

like this may not

happen again.

So here it goes. They

said, seize the moments

while it still exist.

Teddy, I’m interested

in you. I know that

you don’t know me

that well, nor

I know you that


I understand that

right now your

heart is hurting.

But try me.

I might be the cure.

Teddy can you be

my boyfriend?

Teddy was shocked just as the crowd was. Roger’s face moves closer towards Teddy’s. Teddy stares at Roger’s eyes, gone are the lies and sadness, what he saw was love and sincerity. He closed his eyes, as he waits for Roger to kiss him. Roger slowly moves his lips towards Teddys, stopping short a few inches, he withdraw the kiss and laughs.


Ok. This is too much.

I can’t go that far.

I gave up. Enough of

this crazy.




Did you believed

everything that I said.

I was just acting

Teddy. I can’t believe

that you actually

bought it.


Why, Roger…why?


I mean, look at you,

Standing there

like you’re somebody


I smell bleach.

You’re nothing but

a sweaty laundry

that gets thrown at

the pile of everything

dirty. How dare you

to even expect

that I will kiss you

in public? in front of everyone?

I’m not that low Teddy.

I’m not gay.


Roger, why are you

doing this to me?


Why? Not because

your stupid mom

bleached my laundry.

I couldn’t care less,

even if both of you

burned those clothes.


Why are you doing this

to me? What did I do to you?


Not to me….but to him.

Miguel sitting at the side table, claps his hands as two giggly girls sitting next to him starts to laugh and raised their beer glass in cheers to Teddy.




You messed with my

brother Teddy.

Did you forgot that

your boyfriend, rather

ex boyfriend Drew

punched him?

Teddy nods his head sideways in denial.


Guys, Teddy can’t even

read! (To Teddy)

Why act so surprised?

Are you going to deny

that too?

Looking at you

right now made me

feel sick down to the

pit of my stomach.

You’re a pathetic, uneducated

good for nothing 40 year

old loser.

So you’re just gonna

stand there and what

cry in front of me?

In front of everyone?

I actually pity you Teddy,

because you’re laundry

stuck. Why are you still

standing in front of me?

Move! Out you go!

Go back home and

wash your laundry ‘cause

that’s the only thing

you can do.

Why, are you still

here in front of me?

Are you going to beg for

my kiss?

Do you think anyone here

will just stand from the

crowd and shamelessly

kissed you for real? Are you serious?

Are you still waiting for my kiss?

Suddenly, Clifford stood from his table, and rushed towards the mini-stage.


No, he’s not waiting for

your kiss, but mine.

(Immediately kissed Teddy

to the shock of everyone

including Roger)


(To Clifford)

Mister Janitor?


Ready to get out of here?

Sorry, I moved slow.

I’m a late bloomer. I should

have been up here sooner.

Clifford pulled Teddy off the stage and pushed the surprised Roger who looks at the shocked face of Miguel.