8 Tips in Packing your Luggage


8 Tips in Packing your luggage: 1. Pack less, only bring the essentials. 2. Roll your clothes to save space. 3. Toiletries in disposable travel sizes. 4. Know the airline requirements in terms of what’s allowed and how much of it that you can bring. Consider the 3-1-1 rule for carry-on liquids, which is less than 3 oz for liquids, 1 quart size clear plastic container for liquids and just 1 bag per passenger 5. Don’t lock your luggage because of screening regulations, alternatively you can use zip ties but consult your local airlines for further advise. 6. Experiment on how to arrange your essentials in your luggage in order to save space. You can try vacuum packaging to even get more space out of your luggage. 7. Visit a local travel shop to see if you can update your luggage and also get more tips on how to best pack and maximize your luggage space. 8. It’s advisable to have a photo copy of important documents in your carry on inside your check in bag.