As an actor, Is it a mistake to do BL?


As an actor, is it a mistake to do BL? Krist Perawat and Tay Tawan did both worlds, Krist for Sotus and Mint to Be, while for Tay, Secret Seven and Kiss Me Again. If you’re an actor whether you’re just starting out or you already have an established career, and you had not done BL before, it’s really normal to have doubts and fears when offered a BL role, after all this is BL, it might change the image that you’re trying to project and you may lose your fans and followers if they’re not a fan of the BL genre. Setting those doubts aside, let’s go back to our example, Krist and Tay. They are both established actors and they had proven that they can switch back and forth, doing a mainstream role and portraying a BL character. Krist had also ventured on a singing career, while Tay’s recent success with his team up with Newwie leads to other projects like Our Skyy and the January 2019 Y I Love you Fan Party plus other live appearances as well. As an actor, it is your job to give life to a character, regardless of what type of character it is. The characters in the BL genre are the same really as the mainstream genres. Both characters falls in love, both characters needs to be funny, both characters tackles pressing challenges, both characters needs to build their audience. The BL industry is a very established industry, the success of countless BL films proved that BL is here to stay. The BL industry also is a good starting point for newcomers. If you want to move forward to do other roles, you can do that, even if you started doing a BL role. It will not really affect your image. We now live in the instant age of Instagram, the times had changed, the public perceptions are evolving. The most important thing to remember is to love your fans, because they’re the one who promote your brand on their various social media channels, they’re the one who will buy your fan meeting tickets, they’re the one who will cheer for you when you arrive at the airport, they’re the one who will tell your film producers that they can invest in you. Whether you stay in the BL genre or you venture on other genres, your fans will follow your career path and industry choices. So in the bigger picture, it’s not a mistake to do BL, but actually the real mistake would be to listen to your doubts and fears. Not everyone is an actor, not everyone can do what you can do, nor given the opportunity that you have. You’re in a position to touch hearts and influence thoughts. Use that power to make this world a more loving, more open and understanding world, the BL industry can do that for you. It is the best platform to change hearts and promote love.