4 Safety tips if you love hoverboards


Hoverboards are technically designed to be fun as it motivates you to just go out there and enjoy the afternoon sunshine, a really nice break from your technology inclined daily life. But for first time hoverboarders, the thought of stepping into a wobbly two wheeled self transport vehicle with electronically sensitive footpads can really be intimidating. Here's 4 safety tips, after all before fun, safety should come first:  1. Use protective gears like safety helmets, padded knee and elbow caps, dress appropriately, like exercise pants, compression shorts and wear a quality non-slip sneakers.  2. Practice makes perfect. Before hitting your neighborhood streets and local parks where hoverboards are not banned, you need to practice first on how to get on and off your equipment, how to safely balance the hoverboard and remember when getting off, step backwards, not forward, it's just much safe to do it that way.  3. Don't overcharge your hoverboards, 3 to 4 hours are the ideal length of charging time for most hoverboards. This will conserve your battery life. Overcharging can really affect your board's battery performance overtime. 4. Don't go to fast. Start slowly first, keep a moderate speed, also make sure that you keep your posture straight, check your knees out from time to time, making sure you're not bending it forward. And while riding, feel the board as it synchronized with your whole body.