6 Reasons why you will love How to Win at Checkers (Every time)


How to win at Checkers (Every time) is a 2015 Thai drama that had won several International awards and recognitions.  Here's six reasons why you will love the film, that is if you had not seen it yet, we suggest you do! 1. It's a touching drama between two brothers, and what each will do to protect one another.  2. This is also a BL story between Ek and his boyfriend Jai, the movie explores the challenges that they both face in life, coming from completely different family backgrounds. Jai came from a well off family, while Ek lives with his aunt and takes care of his younger brother Oat.  3. The movie tells a story about the struggles that young guys face and their families when they receive a draft lottery notice. And how money can circumvent the draft process.  4. It's a fast paced movie where every scenes smoothly connects to reveal the plots and shocking details. 5. Ek is a practical guy, he will do anything to protect his younger brother Oat. Truly at the end of the day, blood is thicker than water.  6. The movie has a sad and hopeful ending. It's a touching and fulfilling movie that will make you realize how valuable relationships are in life.